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World Class Customer Service Training Package

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This certificate path includes the following courses:

  • Attitudes for Service (3 hr Workshop)
  • Managing Customer Expectations (3 hr Workshop)
  • Outstanding Customer Service (1 hr Webinar)
  • Transforming Customer Complaints into Opportunities (3 hr Workshop)
Dale Carnegie

What You’ll Learn

Discover how to handle customers in a way that builds a foundation of trust and positive feedback. You’ll learn how to deal with upset clients, how to maintain an attitude that makes others feel understood, how to work toward solutions that delight, and build long-term customer loyalty.

Dale Carnegie

Why you want to learn it

In this day of online feedback and, where negative customer interactions can lead to devastating reviews, it’s more important than ever to be emotionally equipped for any situation. These courses will keep you positive as you assist your clients, and create the very real perception that you’re in it for them!

Dale Carnegie

How it will help you

By managing customer expectations, developing an always-positive attitude, and knowing the steps to turning angry clients into long-term fans, you’ll secure repeat business and turn your customers into advocates.

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