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Resilience in Leadership Training Package

Live Online

This certificate path includes the following courses:

  • Communicate with Different Personality Styles (1 hr Webinar)
  • Create your Work-Life Breakthrough (1 hr Webinar)
  • Lead Change Effectively (2 hr Workshop)
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace (3 hr Workshop)
  • Managing Workplace Stress (3 hr Workshop)
  • Step Up to Leadership (Two 3 hr Sessions Seminar)
Dale Carnegie

What You’ll Learn

Discover your personal patterns, styles, responses and reactions, which will enable you to create a personal vision as a resilient leader at any level. You’ll connect with people of different communication styles, explore principles for handling stress and develop strategies to focus energies more productively.

Dale Carnegie

Why you want to learn it

Considering the rate of change in today’s workplace, there may be no more important skill than the ability to adapt with resiliency to change. Our ability to pivot in the face of workplace evolution is closely observed by leaders and team members, so it is important to adapt productively and positively, no matter how we might feel personally.

Dale Carnegie

How it will help you

By learning how to better manage responses to unexpected situations and workplace change, you’ll improve your relationships, and bring more balance into your work and life.

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