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High Potential Leaders Training Package

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This certificate path includes the following courses:

  • Meetings that Work (2 hr Workshop)
  • Performance Reviews that Motivate (1 hr Webinar)
  • Secrets of Motivation (2 hr Workshop)
  • Secrets to Leading with Assertiveness (1 hr Webinar)
  • Step Up to Leadership (Two 3 hr Sessions Seminar)
Dale Carnegie

What You’ll Learn

The High Potential Leaders package provides people with direct responsibility for a team (or who have been identified as having management potential) with fundamental skills for managing and inspiring their teams.
Dale Carnegie

Why you want to learn it

Stepping up to management can be a daunting experience. High potential employees are already performing well in their current roles, these courses will ensure they remain highly effective when given greater responsibility in their organization.
Dale Carnegie

How it will help you

You will build skills to inspire and shift from individual contributor to leader. As you complete courses, you’ll be able to demonstrate your mastery of competencies from your training in every aspect of your work. Are you ready to lead? Upgrade your skills, get recognized, and keep moving ahead in your career.

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